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Online Marketing for Accommodation Providers

There have arguably never been more difficult economic circumstances for accommodation providers across Scotland and the Rest of the UK and Ireland.

At the same time however there have never been more opportunites for the independant operators to develop and market their product and reach an infinitely greater audience than they have ever been able to reach before.

By taking these opportunities, the accommodation provider, whether they be small B&B, self catering cottage or large country house hotel, can match product with visitor and increase their chances of success quite dramatically.

The independent hospitality operator is bombarded with website options and with mutiple communciation and distribution channels - Online Travel Agents such as or social media like Twitter, Facebook or Blogging makes understanding the best forward increasingly complex.

However, as we move into and through what may yet be the most challenging economic period yet, we all need to look very closely at what our online business needs, and indeed, wants are.

Every last penny spent must lever the maximum return possible in all areas of the business. No more so than with online marketing.

So what should you plan to do in 2012?

Accommodation providers need to focus on developing online marketing initiatives that bring the highest rates of return in terms of higher rates, lower commissions and the most bookings.

Concentrate on the four basics as it is estimated that they can bring in more than 75% of hotel website bookings. Add in some dynamic relationship building with a purposeful social media presence and you’ve ticked five key boxes.

  1. Website Redesign
  2. Search Engine Optimisation
  3. Paid Search
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Social Media

Our Open Rooms MM12 programmes helps ensure that these five fundamentals can be more than fulfilled and that with some focus and commitment you can increase your business levels even in a challenging marketplace. Average has never been good enough and more than ever you have to increase your business profile regardless of size.

Open Rooms websites - and there's three levels to suit relevant needs -  are built around our purpose built hospitality database, The Claymore Project, meaning you can control as much of your website as you like.

Manage and update your content, add image galleries and integrate your social media tools such as Facebook and Blog and offer fully integrated online room availability with award winning Bookassist booking engine.

Open Rooms offers the independent accommodation provider all of the flexibility required. Start small and then add on or upgrade as required. No selling of web tools or functions that you’ll never utilise and the assurance of professional hospitality based support and seamless expansion when required.

But it doesn’t stop at launch, Search Engine support and online training is available to you throughout thedevelopment of your online marketing strategy to ensure that your website continues to benefit from increased visibility and higher conversion rates.

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