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What Role My Website?

Well in spite of everything you've heard about your social media and relationships with channels and third party agents we still believe that your website must remain the core of your online strategy.

It is yours after all; your content, your offers, your potential customers.

Why would you want to drop it down your priority list. It is as important a direct distribution channel as you could possibly have and should be placed at the heart of your strategy.

Most if not everything else you do online should be driving traffic back to your site - Facebook, Blogs, Email marketing, postcards, invoices, flyers. The lot.

So what does your site need? Well it needs three things.


It needs to look good and have the presence you wish to reflect and be designed so that the customer stays on it. It must be up to date and customer focussed, that is easy to view, to understand and to use.

But the best looking website in the world without anyone finding it like having 10,000 beautifully designed brochures stuck in the back office or as we've heard many times producing a newspaper advert but not booking any space. If it's not seen all the design in the world becomes fruitless.

Being Found

Beign found therefore now sits alongside the website's design and functionality. Metatags, paid search, relevant content, multiple pages, good linking strategies and all over your other activities online such as social media, PR and email marketing help being found. You have to use all of the tools in your control to push your potential clientele towards your site.

But just as having a good site without traffic is fruitless so can be a good site with good traffic and poor sales tools. You need to maximise your direct sales or it is just another marketing function. You need to maximsie your conversion.

Online Sales

Using Bookassist as a live example through this website we will show how you should be using your socail media, mobile sites, emails marketing and on page content to raise your direct sales throug your own website.

By using direct links to specific promotions, best available rate strategies, promo codes, dynamic pricing and a whole host of other tools you will see how a website can do so much more to develop your direct business and reduce your reliance on high cost third party sites.

Content is King

Yuo may have noticed in the graphic aboe that it's about Content, Content, Content.

Find out why Content is everything