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Scotland's For Me Deal A Day DIRECT

Test SFM Deal a Day

This page has been set up to show how you can use Bookassist vouchers to sell your own Flash sales offers and thereby dramatically reduce your own cost of sales AND build loyalty with your own customers.

The offer can be set up as a hidden link from Facebook or your email list or from your own website pages.

The main issue however is that while it it is a discounted offer it is a DIRECT discounted offer and ther

efore reduces costs of sales, retains your brand loyalty and the availability and bookings can be taken online using your Bookassist booking engine.

Makes sense doesn't it?

The offer below is made up entirely and is for the purposes of this test page just a graphic - the real version will have embedded links. Click here or on the image itself to see the test voucher (graphic voucher would be required)