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About The Test Site

The Celtic Links Hotel

It is completely fictional in everything but location. The Google maps show our offices - we have no availability but can offer you a coffee if you're in the area.

The Content

Likewise the hotel content is made up but is written with good practice in mind to highlight how a hotel page - in our opinion should be presented for best results from both search angines and the customer. it's not rocket science just use the basics - Who, What, Why, Where, When and How are six questions driving almost every page on the website.

The Home Page drop down menu links to the structure and acts as a guide to various of the elements making up the site.

All the hotel Pages are fictional but the content on the destination pages and events and external links are all live and relate directly to the marketing of a hotel located in Ayrshire.

The content is intended to highlight how a hotel could and should be collaborating to build your business

The Images

The images are all used courtest of our website or Bookassist clientele and all should have a courtesy of woith direct link back to the hotel's website. If you find one that doesn't we'll rectify.

The Booking Engine

It is actually a fully functioning example of a hotel using Bookassist and features examples of just how pro-active the hotel can be in using the tools within the system to drive direct sales. We have set up The Celtic Links Hotel to have thirty bedrooms, five self catering cottages and just for something different a Catered Chalet! It is intended to provide inspiration by examaple and act as a training area for our clients.

The Content Management System

The CMS is our very own Claymore Project which was designed specifically for the hospitality sector and the site is completely powered by it in the same way that our client hotels would. Hotels can not only update their content and imagery but drop in video, uplaod documents, write their metatags, publish offers, vacancies and the information can feed directly into third party websites through our Channel Membership function.

We're also testing the very latest updates and will be rolling out affordable mobile versions of our clients's sites in the autumn of 2011.

Again this website is aimed at providing clients and potential clients access to managing a live website with a clear view of how powerful the database can be with drag and drop page creation and navigation.