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Bookassist Briefing - Variation Groups

Varying How Your Visitor Searches for Your Rooms

Bookassist Booking engine uses "Variation Groups" to alter how your rooms can be viewed by the site visitor and this can be set up to suit the requirements of individual properties.

Variation Groups act as folder at the booking landing page which contain a subset of rooms and pacakges within them - if a guest is therefore looking for Suites they only need click the Suites option to view their options.

This means that you can set your rooms out by Room Type (Twin; Double; Single) or by Package Type (Room Only; B&B; DBB; Self Catering; Special Offers) or a mix of how you prefer.

The following examples show how it works for the Celtic Links Demo site - on this occasion all the links will open up new pages so that you can look at them easily together.

The default layout is by Room Type using variation groups for each of the different room types -

View the Booking Page With Variation Groups

View the Booking Page Without Variation Groups

Variation Groups can also be used to display special promotions where all rooms will then be visible for example if you wished to use Variation Groups for your booking landing page but wished the link from your promotions page to your Horse Racing Breaks to open all available options then it would look like this

Horse Racing Breaks without the Variation Group

The design and flexibility of the Bookassist booking engine code allows accommodation providers to make it so much easier for their guests to book exactly what they are looking for effectively and efficiently.